Why Trump Is the Perfect Case-Study

I was talking a few days ago with a friend. We were discussing how self-confidence needs to come from within a person, how it can only be encouraged, but not taught or given. And how the best example of this is (to both our dislike) Donald Trump.

As much as I hate saying this: when it comes to self-confidence, he is the perfect case study. He is also a schoolbook case of how much a good discourse can get you, even when it makes no sense. The fact that Trump is in the race for the White House speaks volumes about the power of words and the power of believing in yourself.

I love words, I have always valued them and I have always been fascinated by how they can be tools of whatever you want them to be. I truly, truly hate to admit it, but the people behind Trump’s campaign chose his words wisely.

If you tell people that you are great, great, great, the best, amazing, they will end up believing it, even when your arguments will not follow, even when logic is missing, even when common sense or decency fail to show themselves.

Of course, Trump has also said many bad words. However, this is where repetition comes in. If you tell people something enough times, they will believe it, especially when they want to believe it and when they lack the intellectual capacity to see how your words are darkening their judgement, simply because those are the words that you want to hear.

The problem with this is that the magic of words does not last forever. The world changes, you change and you wake up one morning and those words mean nothing because they simply have nothing to do with your reality. Nothing about your reality is “great”. And you wake up one morning to an incompetent president who is anything but “great”.

The story of Donald Trump is the story of all “leaders” who turned out to be tragedies for human kind. They all started with great words. What they also all did is end up dead and despised, responsible for the deaths of millions.

I hope that America will not add another name to this terrible list on Tuesday…





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