Cheers, love!


The world woke up today to Brexit. I’ve seen words such as “shock”, “devastating” and “apocalipse” all over the internet. As a former immigrant in the North of England (the area who voted most for Brexit), I can say I am happy and looking forward to the future! Here is why:

  1. I finally have proof that the North of England is a pretty xenofobic place. Natually, not all of it, but at least now I know it wasn’t just all in my head!
  2. I can stop worrying about drunk, violent English tourists all over Europe and perhaps we can all enjoy football again.
  3. It will be a blast to see huge companies such as amazon and others opening offices in Eastern Europe so that they can still hire the best IT people in Europe. Maybe Eastern Europeans will finally get more decent jobs at home.
  4. The chances that I witness another miracle just got higher: some northern Brits might actually learn a foreign language or finish their studies. What a sight for sore eyes…
  5.  We finally know that there are at least 52% of Brits that we are allowed to not like, without being called xenofobic.
  6. I now understand why the best Brits I’ve ever met – really nice, talented and amazing people – live, in their majority, in other countries of Europe.


This article is a satire and should be treated accordingly. It does not by any mean refer to all UK or all British people, but rather to an obvious problem of lack of education and a capacity of understanding the concept of The Global Village we all live in.