A mark of kindness

People say that we are the sum of all the things that have happened to us and that all the people we meet leave their mark on us.

I like to think that this is true, even though not all the people you’ve met are nice ones. But what makes it O.K. is that once in a while you meet someone who is truly amazing, who makes all the not-so-nice people fade away into nothingness.

For me, that one truly amazing person is one of my teachers. I still remember my first Anthropology seminar with Mrs. Cristina Bogdan (because that is who I am talking about). I remember feeling amazed of how many things she knew and how kindly she spoke to us, her students. And today, all those memories came back, but  they came back with an immense sense of pride.

As I was scrolling down my Facebook page, looking at all the pictures of her carrying the Olympic Torch, all I could think about was that I am really lucky to have such a person leave her mark on me!

I believe that there are two kind of teachers in this world: the ones that teach you about academical things and the ones that teach you about life. She is both! And that is what makes me proud to have been her student.

I am sure that any student of hers that ever took a minute to really listen to her words will agree with me when I say that the most important lesson she’s taught us is that of kindness.

She’s taught us that wisdom and love for the people around you are the things that make your life worth so much more than money will ever do.

She’s also taught us that kindness is what keeps your heart pure and young and that those are the true values of life.

Now it’s our turn and maybe also our little duty, to carry those lessons with us anywhere we go and pass them on to the people that we leave our mark on. By doing that, we’ll give our lives a lot more meaning, a more beautiful one. That is what will make us memorable in other peoples’ minds and hearts.

So just try to leave a mark of kindness with the people you meet!


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