Hidden away dreams

This weekend was my first time in London as I went to visit some friends. Besides the pictures and all the fun, London gave me much more!

I now know that some dreams do come true, no matter how big or small they are or how complex or plain they might seem. Some dreams sneak up on you when you least expect them or when you don’t even consider them to be on your “dream-list” any more, only to make you realise that they could have not come at a better time!

What makes this kind of dreams so special is that they have been with you for so long, that you are no longer aware of them. You don’t actively pursue them any more so when you “land” in the middle of them, all you can do is enjoy them, without thinking about the road that has lead you here. That would only steal the magic..

That’s when you find yourself on a double-decker bus, passing by Picadilly Square and remembering how you used to gaze at the pictures in your 4th grade English Textbook, thinking that maybe one day you will be the one taking the picture… but you don’t take out your camera, because you know this “picture” will stay with you forever anyway…

Some dreams sneak up on you… For me, this time it was London. I wonder which one is going to be next…?

foto by Daniel Enachi

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